Thursday, October 26, 2017

Night of Worship, Spirit Night...and Dracula Pie! (oh my)

Night of Worship, Spirit Night...and Dracula Pie!  (Oh My)

Nights of Worship are my FAVORITE!!!  We play games, eat pizza, and then finish the night with songs of Worship led by our 5/6 grade music team.  Our games for the night were Flag Tag, Capture the Flag, and Knock Out.  We are taking in every bit of daylight we can before daylight savings occurs.  We had 24 boxes of pizza delivered and devoured by 90 kids and leaders...a BIG thank you to the Beavers Family for donating the pizza last night!!!
In our large group challenge, one kid from each grade was competing in our Dracula Pie eating contest.  Each kid had a pair of Dracula teeth they put in their mouth and then the first one to finish eating all of their pie (chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top) was the winner.  Our winner for the night was our 6th grade boy, Jonah Ferguson!!!
The last 25 minutes of the night is singing praises to God.  Personally, my favorite time of each Wednesday night.  Our music team led us in the songs Church Clap, Lions by Skillet, Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells, and Lord I Need You by Matt Maher.  A video of Lord I Need You is the last Picture below....
Here are some great pictures of the Spirit Night...

Our Kindergarten Crew...

SOOOO much Cuteness......

My fearless Leaders...Love them!

Go Cowboys!!!


If looks could kill...the stare down!  Ha!

Dracula Pie Challenge...

Just a LITTLE messy...

The awesome faces AFTER the pie eating challenge...Our winner (far left) Jonah Ferguson

Our 3/4 Girls

The 1st and 2nd grade Crazies!

Future Impact Leaders!!!

5/6 Grade Girls

Video of Lord I Need You...

3/4 Grade boys

Warrior Fans Representing...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Lords Supper and it's Importance

These boys...not shy AT ALL!!!

Unit 25, Session 3: The Last Supper


Dear Parents,

Jesus knew it was time for Him to die. He sat down with His disciples for the Passover meal and did something very unusual. Jesus washed His disciples’ feet. This humble act was usually reserved for a servant. The footwashing symbolized a spiritual cleansing. The disciples were already positionally “clean” before God (see John 13:10) but even redeemed people still sin and need daily cleansing. (See 1 John 1:9.) In this, Jesus also set forth an example of love and humility for His disciples to mirror in their own actions toward one another. (John 13:15)

As they ate the Passover meal, Jesus broke bread and gave it to His disciples. He shared the cup with them too, explaining that the bread and cup represented His body and blood. Jesus established a new covenant.

In the Old Testament, God made a covenant, or promise, with His people. He gave them commandments to follow so they could live in right relationship with Him. But God’s people broke the covenant. They didn’t obey God, and they didn’t love Him. By dying on the cross, Jesus brought forgiveness and made the way for people to know and love God again.

Jesus and the disciples ate the first Lord’s Supper at Passover, a time when God’s people remembered how God had rescued His people from the Egyptians—passing over the houses marked with the blood of a lamb. Jesus instituted a new memorial, to Himself—the Lamb of God whose blood would bring salvation to the world.

Believers take the Lord’s Supper to remember what Jesus did for us in His death and resurrection. We remember God’s faithfulness, and we look forward to the day He will return.

At the Passover, Jesus shared His last meal with the disciples before His death and resurrection. Jesus said that His death would establish a new covenant. God’s people had broken the old covenant, and God promised to make a new covenant to forgive sins. God forgives the sins of those who trust in His Son, Jesus.

Your kids may not be ready to take the Lord’s Supper at church. Gently explain that the Lord's Supper, like baptism, is an ordinance of the church and is a celebration for those who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

Next Wednesday....
Spirit Night & Night of Worship 

Come dressed in your favorite "TEAM" gear and show your spirit!!!  It will be a fun night of games, PIZZA, and Worship.  

Some Pics from last year.....

FUN Pictures from last nights IMPACT.....

Some basketball before Game Time...

So thankful for our IMPACT Leaders....

Fun game of Princess/Knight/Rider...


Bumping Volleyball with Basketballs...takes skill!

All smiles for my 6th Grade Boys...

Kickball with the K -3rd graders

3/4 grade Girls....:)

3/4 Grade boys with their Leader, John Gage

Our sweet Kindergarten group with their leaders Nikki Mize and Kimberly Ferrell

Active 1/2 graders with their leaders Laci and Bradley Bracewell, and Jeremy Devore

Our Camera Ready 5th and 6th grade girls and their leaders Lacy Dupler and Karen Perkins