Thursday, October 27, 2016

Night of Worship, Spirit Night, and Pizza!!!

Daaaaa Boys!!! 
Bronco Fans Represent


Fun photo! This is totally something I would've done as a kid.
1st & 2nd Grade Gang!!!
A fun and ACTIVE group. :)
Look at all that personality.

Kindergarten group-Who are they looking at?  Obviously something more fun than a camera.

3rd & 4th Boys-These cuties are something else! They don't lack in confidence...Ha!!!

3rd & 4th Girls-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun....

"Team Spirit Night!!!"
These kids are SO fun!!!

What a fun Night of Worship! The older kids (3-6th) started the night with a fast few games of Capture the Flag.  Each team grabbed a flag, so I'm sure a tie breaker will be in our future.
The younger kiddos, K-3, learned the new game of Schizm Ball.

A BIG THANK YOU to Dylan and Lauren Schafer for buying the 24 cheese and pepperoni pizzas as well as Halloween cookies.  There was not one cookie left, and I counted 4 pieces of pizza leftover.  These kids can EAT!

After eating, we all piled into the main room for this crazy group picture, and then finished the night with a time of worshiping God in song.  I had a few kids ask what the song was called and who it was sung by. These were the songs we sang last night:
The Church Clap
Move by Toby Mac
Stars by Skillet
Boldy I approach Your Throne by Rend Collective

With this week being Staff Appreciation Week, I just want to say a BIG "Thank You" to the men and women who lead these kids each week in their play and small groups.  They give of their time and energy each Wednesday night to help shepherd your children in their walk with Christ.  They do a TERRIFIC job and I just want to say how much I love and appreciate each of you:
Jeff Crelia, Brandon & Buffy Jester, John Gage, Barrett & Lacy Dupler, Laci Bracewell, Shannon Rowlan, Laurie Richmond, Jeremy Devore, & Valerie Layton.

Dates Coming Up:
Monday October 31st-Halloweenies on Preston Glen
Next Weeks Lesson: Elijah
November 23rd-No Grace Kids (Thanksgiving)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hot Potato, Candy Corn, and JOB!

Lesson: Job


Dear Parents,


This week we walked with Job through a very challenging part of his life when he lost pretty much everything he had and suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We saw that God was teaching Job about trust during this time, but He was doing far more than that.

 Job suffered and wanted a mediator—someone to bring him to God. This reminds us of Jesus, who suffered even though He had never sinned. Jesus is our Mediator. He suffered to pay the price for our sins and put an end to suffering on earth. Jesus brings us to God when we trust in Him.

 Help your kids see the picture of Jesus in the Book of Job and to remember that they can trust God always, even when life is difficult. Encourage them to trust and remember that God is in control—always.

Important Dates:
--Next Wednesday 26th- Night of Worship (Pizza, Games, Worship) It's "Show your Spirit" Theme night, so have your kids dress up supporting their favorite team (college, Professional, Gunter Tigers, etc.)
--Halloweenies-On October 31st, Grace Bible Fellowship invites you to come Trick or Treat down Preston Glen, where the church will be stationed at the Turners house passing out hot dogs, drinks, and candy.  Come feed the family, meet some of your kids leaders, and fellowship. We look forward to seeing you there!


Friday, October 14, 2016

Wrapping up King Solomon

Dear Parents,


This week we continued our journey through the big story of the Bible and wrapped up our time with Solomon by learning about how he thought about the purpose of life and wrote about it in the Book of Ecclesiastes. 

 Solomon discovered that apart from God, life does not make sense. God created everything, and He gives everything a purpose. Jesus gives us purpose for living. Jesus came so that we might live for Him and have full, meaningful life.

Help your kids find purpose in loving Jesus and living for Him. Remind them that Jesus gives us value and purpose in life.


The lesson coming up: Job

Job suffered and wanted a mediator—someone to bring him to God. This reminds us of Jesus, who suffered even though He had never sinned. Jesus is our Mediator. He suffered to pay the price for our sins and put an end to suffering on earth. Jesus brings us to God when we trust in Him.

The evenings have been beautiful outside, so we've enjoyed playing games outside for as long as possible.  This week we played some competitive Sharks & Minnows.  By the looks on the kids faces in the pictures you can see they had a great time.  Your kids are precious!  The leaders and I have loved getting to know each of them, and week by week we are building closer relationships with them.  We have some awesome kids at IMPACT!!! They are learning and growing in their knowledge of Christ and how much they need Him in their life.  Thank you, parents, for taking the time to bring them and giving us this time with them to grow closer to God.  Each week one of my favorite times is worship time.  To hear the kids singing and praising God will bring me to tears.  Parenting is hard work, but you're all doing a great job!!! We are blessed with parenting His children. 

Sharks & Minnows Fun!

Praise & Worship

Our Kindergarten Cuties with Ms. Valerie

Our largest group...1st & 2nd Grade with Ms. Laci and Ms. Buffy

3rd & 4th Girls with Ms. Lauri & Ms. Kathy

3rd & 4th Boys with Mr. John and Mr. Barrett

5th & 6th Grade Boys with Mr. Jeff(Yoda) and Mr. Brandon

5th & 6th grade girls with Ms. Lacy and Ms. Shannon


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Solomon, Schizm Ball, and a separated Nation...all in one night!!

Dear Parents,
With the days getting shorter, and our time to play outside in the evenings at IMPACT will soon be over due to darkness, we've been enjoying our outdoor fun and games a little longer these past few weeks. The older kids learned a new game called "Schizm Ball". It's very similar to their elimination ball that they play at school. We have some very coordinated, athletic, and competitive kids at IMPACT, which I LOVE, so doing games with them is always a highlight for the leaders....and the kids have a blast too. The younger kids had a choice of jumping into a game of kickball, hula hooping, or jumping long rope.  Toward the end of the game I noticed it was all the boys playing kickball and the girls nicely playing jump rope. Ha!


Our Bible Lesson:  1 Kings 11-12

This week we saw how despite King Solomon’s great wisdom, he was still sinful and his sin divided the people of Israel. When Solomon’s son Rehoboam became king, the people asked for him to ease up on them, but Rehoboam listened to the bad advice of his peers and actually demanded more from the people. Because of this, the kingdom split into two: the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah.


King Solomon failed to lead God’s people perfectly. God’s people needed a better king, a perfect king! Through David’s family, God would send His own Son, Jesus Christ, to be a perfect King over God’s people forever. Jesus brings His people together and leads them back to God.

Help your kids understand that Jesus is our perfect King and when we love Him and  follow Him and do what He says, we will glorify God and be part of God’s plan to bring people back to Himself through Jesus.

Important Dates coming up:
     Oct. 26- Night of Worship (Pizza, Games, Worship)
     Oct. 31-Halloweenies on Preston Glen-The leaders and members of GBF will be passing out hot dogs, drinks, and candy to our community as they trick or treat down Preston Glen. Stop by to eat and say Hello!!!

I LOVE this Photo of these girls...and Tinsley's shirt says it all!!! 

 Schism Ball!!!
 The power of the TWINS!

 WHO ME???  I didn't do it!

 Caught it!!! 

 Hula Hoop Crew...doing there THANG! 

 This makes me dizzy just seeing this picture...
 Now this is a crew! 
 Go, Go, GOOOOO!!!

Boys team is #1!

 Focused and Ready...this is serious kickball!
 I don't know what he's doing!?  Being him!
 The 5th and 6th Grade girls small group time